Sea of Poppies


Begun almost a year ago in response to the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War the campaign has been an enormous success for a village in Lincolnshire. Combined with a commemoration of those from the village who died in the conflict the appeal for poppies to create a sea in the church has reached out across the world. With a total now approaching 20,000, poppies have arrived from Australia, New Zealand the USA and all over the country. Enthusiasm was such that classes were held in the village to teach those who wanted to know how to make poppies. In addition, a series of events have been organised and the list is attached.


‘There But Not There’ Silhouettes – we were successful in our grant application to the Armed Forces Covenant Trust for 10 of the silhouettes, free of charge for our Sea of Poppies. These are valued at over £400 and will be ours to keep for the future. They have arrived and have been included in the exhibition.


School parties are coming from Grantham and also from our local school.


Saturday 3rd November in Church – 10am – finals of the Heckington Magazine Children’s Poetry Competition for Heckington 100


Saturday 3rd November in Church – 1pm – music from the Cranwell Military Wives Choir – free


Saturday 3rd November in Church – at 2pm and 3pm – further musical entertainment to be announced


Sunday 4th November, 4-6pm Great Hale Village Hall, wartime dance workshop £5 each, payable on the day.


Saturday 10th November – Wartime Bash with Bangers and Mash – Great Hale VH – with Miller Magic and singer Chelsea Bamford – SOLD OUT


Sunday 11th November – Armistice Day – with Swineshead Silver Band members on the Green – starting at 10.53 exactly – and service in Church at 11.30am, followed at 12.15pm by the nationwide ringing of bells including here at St Andrew’s.


Ringers are also ringing at 7.05pm after the lighting of beacons around the country. The Parish Council are this year handling road closures with representatives having been trained by the Police.


Local shops and businesses will be decorating their windows and we are doing a major display at Rod Handford’s on the High Street which is in hand.


World War I commemorative penny stickers are being placed in windows near to where the men lived. An appeal has gone out for residents to collect their stickers from the Parish Council


Heckington PC are planning on planting 31 trees in the village, commemorating this year’s anniversary.


St Andrews at the Heckington Village Show

The Heckington Village Show is the largest village show in England and will take place 29th and 30th July 2017.  St Andrews will be represented in the Heritage Tent with a display of the history and a audio visual displays developed in conjunction with Newcastle University and creative agency ‘Draw&Code’.  Come and meet us and learn more about the fascinating history of this nationally significant church and they way in which we are interpreting it.

Church Tours

The first in a series of Church Tours will take place on 24th and 25th June at the church.  These tours will be led by an experienced tour guide and are free.  The tours will take place at regular intervals throughout the days starting at 10 am.  Refreshments and toilets will be available.