illuminations, April 2017

Up and over panorama of the East End of St. Andrew's Church, HeckingtonVisitors were invited to visit St. Andrew’s Church to experience this medieval church in intriguing new ways.

St. Andrew’s played host to a collection of new digital artworks and performances that explore the church’s spatial character, history, and relationship to local life. Multiple artworks were presented together, creating an immersive world within the building. Visitors were invited to see, hear and understand the church differently through historical speculations, digital storytelling and contemporary artistic responses.

Artists, designers, and researchers from Newcastle, York and Liverpool worked in and around the church, and with the local community to sensitively develop new pieces of creative work using sound, light and a variety of different technologies and techniques.

Artworks included the use of light projections, sound installations, photography, illustration, digital interventions and other interactive elements. Performances included vocalisations of medieval plainsong by Magnus Williamson, sonic architectural explorations by Tim Shaw and John Bowers, and audio-visual projections from Simon Bowen and Draw & Code.

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This event was the result of a collaboration between Newcastle University, Liverpool-based creative consultancy Draw & Code, architectural illustrator Allan T Adams, and the Church of St. Andrew’s in Heckington. This work was funded by a UK AHRC KE Hub for the Creative Economy (ref: AH/J005150/1 Creative Exchange).