St Andrews is festooned with 180 of the most amazing gang of outrageous and interesting gargoyles and grotesques, probably one of the best, if not the best collection in the country, certainly on a parish church.


Church experts have said that Heckington has enough and of a consistently high quality to rival a cathedral.


So when you next pass the church look up, even 150 feet up to the top of the tower.

(A gargoyle involves the transportation of water and a grotesque is any other head or animal/human carving that adorns the outside of the building).


Not only are the gargoyles and grotesques of St Andrews from the very top draw of medieval carving, it is entirely possible that with the early royal connections of the church that they were carved by royal stonemasons, and therefore, of the very best quality of the day.

In addition, we have a full medieval orchestra of musicians, including an instrument whose date of origin has been pushed back a 100 years by it’s discovery on the tower of St Andrews.  Amongst our crew we have a Viking and his boat, a wookie,  a cow,  a Welshman with his giant leek, an eagle a dragon/snake thing, a monkey, a wild boar and a beaver.  People include a lady with a WW1 helmet, various royalty, ladies being carried away by dogs, a cohort of devils and self portraits of masons doing their thing. For a village in Lincolnshire, our gargoyles and grotesques on what is a rural parish church are fantastic, and there are few places in the country that can rival our gang.  So make sure you have a good look and see if you can find a cow or a wookie or half a beaver!